What The Fish! @ Serangoon Garden Way

‐FindYourWayInSG presents What The Fish!

FindYourWayInSG is absolutely delighted to share with you a new marvel in form of Fish Head Curry Restaurant in Singapore. The team throttled down to 68 Serangoon Garden Way and encountered the most pleasant WTF! experience. Just in case you were wondering, had FindYourWayInSG just sworn in ‘&*^#’, nope! FindYourWayInSG stand by the fact that WTF! stands for What The Fish!, the name of the newest restaurant that serves an unforgettable blend of traditional South-­‐east Asian spices with the strong fiery flavours of the South Indian coast, presenting a delicious incarnation of Singapore ol’ favourites.

From curry and other infamous traditional Indian dishes from the Straits – Mustard Oil Fish Curry, Indian Chilli Crab, to more flavourful Singaporean dishes such as Masala Tulang, and the Black Pepper Chicken. FindYourWayInSG promises you that WTF! will leave you wanting more.

This noveau restaurant themed as “What The Fish!” is the brainchild of three local childhood friends, P S Raj, Ganthan Arumugam, and Rupesh Kumar. WTF! introduces a colloquial twist in the traditional curry house by marrying the contemporary indulgences of champagne and fine wine with the unique cooking styles of the Indian cooking of the Straits. For a while now, these three developed as a team and understands the Southeast Asian palette. They have produced this freshly cooked fusion of flavours of the South Indian and the Southeast Asian, daily.

P S Raj mentions, “It is hearty Indian food, but with a spicy Singaporean kick, we wanted to achieve ‘shiokness’ in a curry and I think we have succeeded.”

FidnYourWayInSG has indeed saved the best ‘news’ for last… WTF! uses no artificial colouring, no preservatives, and no MSG. Instead, the restaurant food’s flavours come from freshly ground masala spice mixture is made in-­‐house and derived from locally sourced ingredients and spices.

With an accolade of raves and awesome reviews from aficionados in the Serangoon Garden neighbourhood, and from FindYourWayInSG, for those who are keen on real, local, Singaporean food, check this restaurant out. Once again, WTF! is located at 68 Serangoon Garden Way and is open daily for your delicacy pleasure. As the locals would say, “You die, die, must try!”

WTF! – What The Fish
68 Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555964
Tel: 62961891 | 62970591

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